Community service. What’s up with that?

By Mark Wheatley, President CSI Onsite


One time I was at a restaurant and I asked our waitress how I could impact her day. She said, “Bring me one of them peanut cluster Blizzard’s from Dairy Queen”. I’m sure she didn’t think we’d actually do this, but one of our team members went to DQ and brought back a blizzard! To this day, she and I enjoy catching up – even if many months pass by between visits. Those are the kind of experiences I value and want to spread.


From a business standpoint, turning a profit is obviously important: we need to make money to keep the lights on and the doors open. But to me, I want there to be a higher cause – one that helps create an element of satisfaction that is missed by only focusing on profit and personal needs. The old pay it forward (or backward as we sometimes do in fast food lines) forces us to focus on someone other than ourselves. There are lots of non-profit organizations that are trying hard to help those in need including under-funded teachers, food shelves, clothing banks, household items and cookware and training for how to manage finances and time. Looking to create a positive impact and redirection of focus from “us” to “them” not only makes a difference for the person receiving the good deed, but often the person giving, as well.

We see communities come together when there’s a disaster or common focus. Why wait for something like that to work together and be a team? If we make it a part of our daily activities, these deliberate and meaningful conversations with a stranger may be the difference between them having a good day or a bad one.

I believe that society has become more and more introverted and isolated from others, especially with the increased popularity of being “connected”. If we’re only speaking with those in our circle of influence, how are we ever going to break out and get to know the stories of other members of society?

At CSI Onsite, our mission, vision and values include a commitment to impact our communities in a positive way. It’s part of our daily culture and we encourage the staff to look for opportunities to make an impact whenever possible.

One small way we ensure this happens is to make sure CSI Onsite shuts down the office for a few hours once or twice a quarter to do a charitable event. I allow my staff these times to be intentional about impacting our communities. This is great reinforcement that we’re in business to serve and to contribute to our community. (If you’ve ever called and not gotten a hold of us right away, especially on a Friday, this is most likely the reason – last Friday we packed boxes for FMSC: ).

So, my challenge to you is to help us spread this around and make it a movement…. Ask someone – how can I impact you in a positive way today? And then do it! You may just get a new friend out of it…

Thank you for reading and please be sure to let us know how CSI Onsite can impact YOU in a positive way!

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