Meet our newest Team Member: John Juska



Good day to you from all of us at CSI Onsite. Wow, this time a week ago it was 50 degrees colder than the current temp as I post this. In our neck of the woods (the Twin Cities/metro area of Minnesota) people become kind of giddy over 30o days. That might seem silly to some of y’all…that is until you have experienced temps so cold that you can toss a cup of water up in the air and have the water freeze solid before it hits the ground. You live through a week of that and then you’ll understand the joy that 30+ degree days can bring to a Minnesotan!

Last week we took an introductory look at the fast growing trend in corporate IT of “Bring Your Own Device” or BYOD. And I encouraged you to come back this week to dig in a little deeper. Well we are not going to do that, and I’ll tell you why. We have great news at CSI Onsite, we have a new team member and I get to introduce you to him!!

Here’s the interview with John (the new guy John, not me, the old guy John).

Me: So John welcome to CSI, what do you tell us your full name

John: John T Juska

Me: What’s the “T” stand for?

John: It’s a secret.

Me: Awkward pause…Can I call you Juicy?

John: No

Me: So tell us Juicy, where were you born?

John: Owatonna, MN

Me: Did you grow up in Owatonna?

John: No I grew up in West Concord, MN (Take Faribault, Owatonna, and Rochester and go to the center of all 3. That will get you pretty close)

Me: Tell me a little about your family.

John:  I come from a small family of 1 brother and a single mom. My mom works at a group home for the handicapped. My brother is former Army enjoying time with family before deciding what to do next. We are always there for each other and like to spend at least a weekend a month together. Most of the time we just take time to hang out and relax from the rest of the world while spending time together.

Me: And………

John: (Stares at me for a moment) Oh yeah I’m married! My wife’s name is Kjyrsten.

Me: Juicy…we gotta work on that, wives don’t dig not being mentioned.

John: It’s John, not Juicy!

Me: What? Oh yeah, cool. SO tell me what are the Juicer’s hobbies?

John: (sighs) Movies & Photography

Me: What kind of movies?

John: Movies that make you think, sci-fi.

Me: And what do you do at CSI?

John: I’m Level 2 support / Engineer

Me: We have levels? Do we have an elevator? I’ll be right back, I have to see that!

John: No, I didn’t meant I work on a different level… (Looks at Paul Moore) Where is he going?

Paul: Oh, he does this occasionally. They have a 13 month old at home and he’s sleep deprived,
he’s probably just heading down to the biffy

A few moments later I return with 3 sodas from the fridge

Me: Do you have any pets:

John: We have a dog – Echo (Chihuahua / Maltese mix) and 2 cats – Simon and Jake (Siamese

Me: I’m not sure what they are exactly, but are Chihuahuas really…they might not actually be “dogs”…I’m
just saying.

Me: What is your favorite Meal/comfort food?

John: Tater Tot hot dish!tatertot

Me: What has been your Best Job?

John: Volunteer for Camp Courage when I was younger (although this job is a close 2nd).

Me: Camp Courage is awesome!! I love Courage Center. So what has been your worst job?

John: Gas station attendant

Me: Why?

John: They would not stop calling me Juicy.

Me: clears throat…I’ll work on that Chuckles. What is something people would not know about you by looking at you?

John: I am an Eagle Scout.

Me: Me too!

John: Really?

Me: No…I ‘m just messing with you.

John: Yeah, they warned me about you.

Me: Well…probably not all true, but I do get a little silly after all that tech reading I have to do.
Thanks for the time John and welcome to CSI Onsite.

John: Thanks, it’s great to be here.



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