Workstation Recovery…beauty from ashes


We’ve all heard stories of laptops, computers or mobile devices being stolen. The thief may try to access the contents of the system for personal gain or just resell it for a quick buck. Whatever the case may be having physical access to the hardware usually means the contents of said device are accessible.


What happens when you forget your password and need to legitimately “hack” into your system?


One of our customers brought in a computer from one of their locations where the manager had left. The administrative accounts and passwords with them. What now?underdog

Have no fear, we have a technique by which we can either restore the security accounts manager database to a previous version prior to the password change. Or, use a utility to view, change and re-save the passwords of an account on the system.


We accessed the accounts, set the passwords (and provided documentation for the client) and now can log into the computer and install, change or update the system with an account that has administrative privileges.


How does a person protect the contents of a drive? Tune in next time for the next topic: ENCRYPTION.