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Malware may knock thousands off Internet on Monday; how to check whether you are vulnerable

As I read this article, I was somewhat amused because it appeared to be an attempt to sensationalize a non-news or old news issue. Then I got to thinking, I’m feeling this way because of my exposure to the IT through the eyes of my position at CSI Onsite, not as a normal human computer user. That’s right, we aren’t normal here at CSI, we are…unique. Like any industry, when you are a part of it, what the outside world sees compared to an insider’s vantage point can be very different.

Because of my time spent with our technicians I could see that the issue the article addressed was an easy fix for any competent tech.

So what is the big deal?  What is the issue? Basically some hackers developed a method of installing a program/malware on a person’s computer (in the “Registry“) a new, nasty “DNS” pointer.  Because of this when the person attempts to surf the web, that malware causes their computer to go to the hackers (the bad guys) servers. From that point on, all sorts of nefarious actions become possible. The FBI caught the hackers a while back and put into place of the hack-servers, some clean servers to deal with the situation.

To avoid a lot of these possibilities we recommend safe surfing habits. To learn more about what that means read our blog entitled Safe Internet Use – MN BAR Association Training Power Point.  To learn more about malware peruse our blog entitled

Chasing Gremlins Review: Malware, Worms, Viruses…all the icky stuff of IT

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