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Did you ever see the movie National Treasure with Nicolas Cage & Harvey Kietel? In the end sequence of the movie the main character Ben Gates (Cage) hands over to FBI Special Agent Sadusky (Keitel) the stolen Declaration of Independence. Sadusky says “you do know you just handed me your biggest bargaining chip?” To which Ben Gates replies “The Declaration of Independence is not a bargaining chip, not to me.” The agent goes on to tell Gates that he doesn’t really understand the concept of a bargaining chip (in other words withholding knowledge for personal gain).

I have heard our customers and potential customers say very similar things about CSI Onsite…and it’s true. We won’t withhold useful information that our customers can use to better their computing experience just so we can make a buck. Do we have some industry secrets? Sure, but these are techniques developed over years of trial and error, something that only a person with extensive IT training should attempt.

Natinal Treasure

In this spirit we will again share some keyboard shortcuts for you to try on your own. Why use shortcuts? It’s quicker and it means less movement for the extremities involved. This translates to increased efficiency and a decrease in repetitive motion injuries and other infirmities associated with a desk/computer bound jobs.

We have shared Keyboard shortcuts in the past, but most of those revolved around the Windows XP OS. We will now share some Win 7 & 8 shortcuts with you over the coming months, so stay tuned. If you have shortcuts you have discovered please comment below and share them with us.

Here are some General Keyboard Shortcuts you can use in the Windows 7 environment:


What It Does: Help Window Opens

What It Does: Copy *highlighted item (s)
 same as Win XP

What It Does: Cut *

What It Does: Paste*

What It Does: Redo an action

What It Does: Undo an action

CTRL+Left Arrow
What It Does: Move cursor to beginning of previous Word

CTRL+Right Arrow
What It Does: Move cursor to beginning of next Word

CTRL+Down Arrow
What It Does: Move cursor to beginning of next paragraph

CTRL+Up Arrow
What It Does: Move cursor to beginning of previous paragraph

What It Does: Select All

CTRL+Any Arrow key+Spacebar
What It Does: Select multiple individual items

What It Does: Close active document
(if program allows multi docs opened)

There are many more but I’ll stop here and let you try them out. Give them a try and let me know how they work for you. If you discover more please share!! Look for us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.


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