The FBI Ransom Virus…a Friendly Reminder

Earlier this summer (2012) a new type of Nasty started popping up, which has been called the “FBI Ransom” virus.  It is  an insidious means of taking control of your computer, extorting money, and has NOTHING to do with the F.B.I.

This is what you might encounter on your screen if your computer has been infected.

Absolutely DO NOT click on anything in this window and do not send any money or give any personal/financial information. It is a scam and you will need this malware removed from your system. CSI Oniste has encountered a number of incidents involving this virus recently so we thought a friendly reminder to be “click” careful was in order.  To learn more about this virus click on this link: “FBI Ransom Virus.”

If you have the virus call us and we will help you cast the Nasty out of your computer.

Until next time…safe surfing.

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