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In the last blog, I promised to those who would return that I would share about a support call that I by chance got to hear during one of our many daily phone calls here at CSI Onsite. I said to myself “that was a great way to support our customer(s)!” I listened to one of my co-workers help a customer create a solution in a manner that was respectful, timely, and very fun. As I only heard the person in our office, I interviewed the Tech after he was off the phone to hear the whole story.

The call began with a customer needing help to set up a scan to a folder within their shared printer tied to her work station. The Tech did a fantastic job and quickly had the job finished.  As I went about my task of keeping the IT world safe from boring social media, I noticed the conversation begin to change. Here is what I heard…

“…yes. That is correct my friend.  No problem…don’t feel bad about that, that is a tricky little bugger to configure. Sure- no really you can ask about your personal computer, what’s the issue? O.K. (15 seconds of quiet on my end pass). It said “low memory error?” What were you doing when this happened? About a minute passes with the Tech saying “O.K….yes…really…”  He continued in to this…” Well I can see why you’re frustrated and I think we can help you wi –what’s that?…You bought a new hard drive. Yes we can put that in for you but I don’t think that is the solution you need…O.K….you were? You did… well what do you know? When did you do that?  I understand, however I really don’t think us putting in a new hard drive will solve your issue.  What’s that? …Yes I believe that is what the error message said but there is a difference… I don’t want to throw (insert National Chain store name) under the bus but I respectfully disagree with their diagnosis…yes I actually have run into this before. (Insert computer game name) is notorious for being a hog on RAM. Yes I remember the error message, RAM is mem… O.K. Luanne, (name changed) what are you good at? At work what are you good at, what do you do for (business name)?  Excellent, I actually have heard that from Wyatt (name changed). And what do I do (I could hear the smile in his voice). And who am I…10 seconds of silence then I hear the Tech say “I am Your Trusted IT advisor, and I’m the one you turn to when your system blows a gasket.” Then they both started to laugh…I could hear her (through the phone!) in the other room.

Have you kept up with the changing technologies? No don’t feel bad, this is what I do every day and it’s hard for me to stay current. No, no I’m not offended I just thought that would be a fun way to get you to see that I really do have some knowledge that can help you and you can trust me to steer you in the right direction.”  45 seconds of silence on my end…”O.K. do you know the difference between RAM and your hard drive? That’s fine; can I give you my tried and true explanation about RAM and how it works?

From there I listened as the Tech shared a brilliantly accurate yet easily understood explanation of a RAM and how it works. I might add that this particular technician is one of the most intelligent people I know. I’m talking genius level brain power with a vocabulary and plane of thinking that matches. Yet he took a very humble approach and treated the customer in accordance with our values; that our customers are also our partners and we need each other to do this job. The customer came away from the phone call with more than an IT solution. She learned how an integral part of her computer system works, she now understands that we (CSI Onsite) really know what we’re doing and she learned that she can trust us.

In my book I’d say that is a text book “win, win” situation. Don’t settle for anything less from your IT professional…or you could just work with us.

Have a great week.

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