Chasing Gremlins Review: Malware, Worms, Viruses…all the icky stuff of IT

As we continue our pursuit to make your business & personal computing as efficient, productive and enjoyable as possible, let’s review this very important topic of Malware. Now if you have been following our posts you know that we call troubleshooting IT problems (including Malware issues) “Chasing Gremlins.” We also use a generalized term for viruses, worms and phishing efforts…we call them “Nasties. Please take a moment to review these posts.

Our hope is that our posts will give you a basic understanding of the numerous threats out there on the Internet & through electronic communication. Another purpose for these posts is to give some easy to follow direction in securing your computing from these threats. Remember there is a whole business now centered on malware and the info the hackers can glean from these attacks…we are talking millions and millions of dollars each year! If you depend on computers for business or at home for organizing your life it is very important to know this information and practice safe/protected computing. Now I feel like I’m talking to a group of soldiers being deployed overseas for the first time.

Don’t be paranoid, be diligent and you will enjoy a relatively safe computing experience at work and home…and that’s good news for you and for us. We really do want you to win at work and at home!

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p.s. Chuck Norris is immune to all forms of malware


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